Pre Move Preparations

We will meet with you to create a customized Moving Plan and Timetable. We will assist you in sorting through all of your belongings to determine what to keep, what to give to family members, what to sell and what to donate.

Preparing Former Residence for Sale

We can prepare your home for sale by repairing broken items, painting, and staging your home, with 14 years experience in renovating homes we can help you get the most out of the sale of your home.

New Residence Floor Plan

We create a custom floor plan for your new residence ahead of time so there is no guesswork when moving day comes. The moment you walk into your home all the furniture will be in the proper location, your TV  and computer are hooked up, the kitchen is in place and your bed is made. You can immediately begin to enjoy your new home.

Packing & Inventory of Items

We carefully pack all of your belongings properly labeling everything so it is delivered to the proper area in your new home.

Supervision of Moving

We work with reliable movers who take pride in their services. We work closely with the moving company on moving day and closely supervise every aspect of the move. In addition we will also take care getting the utilities turned off at your old home as well as getting them turned on at the new home.

Unpacking & Resettling
We unpack boxes, wardrobe boxes, make beds, hang pictures, place accessories in place, set up electronics to recreate the look and feel of your current home. We ensure your ease in settling in to your new home as quickly as possible, even on the day of the move.

Sell your belongings / Coordinate Donations
We can arrange for the profitable sale of unwanted items through Antique Dealers, Estate Liquidators, Auction Houses, Consignment Shops. In addition, we can help coordinate pickups for donated items. We can also help send items economically to family members living out of the area

Our Services
If the thought of moving overwhelms you, we can help!
We can help with:

Sorting & Deciding What to Take

Making Moving Arrangements

Preparing Home for Sale

Arranging Home Repairs

Creating New Home Floor Plan


Supervising Move


Setting up New Home

Shipping Items to Family

Selling Items

Donating Items

Changing Utilities

Trash Hauling

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